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Sites are listed alphabetically by members' last names. -- Joel Bowers

I am a custom FileMaker Developer and consultant to business clients and other FileMaker developers. Most of my clients are capable FileMaker users but novice developers. They ask me to help accomplish the "hard stuff" or when they do not have the time or resources to do it all in house. -- Marya Danihel

I help companies communicate with each other and with their customers. My specialty is business writing: web copy, case studies, scripts, product descriptions, and manuals. I also have many years' experience improving routine business documents such as proposals and reports. My other career is singing: light classical, sacred, traditional folk, and Victorian pop (!) music. My last stage production was The Mikado at the Music Hall. & -- Ronald Gehrmann

Metro MacSupport: As an Apple Certified Help Desk Specialist, I provide training/coaching, troubleshooting and support for Mac users. Formerly based in Portsmouth as Seacoast MacSupport, I relocated to New York City in 2007, but continue to work with existing and new clients in the Seacoast using remote access software. Metaglyph Communication Design: I build websites that are user-friendly, load quickly, and provide an oasis of calm in the torrent of information on the Web. I also offer print design & digital photography services. -- Sam Goodall

I am a local artist and musician. I have a ceramic tile business, Pony Barn Ceramics; I also play and teach the violin, primarily to children. I have been a Mac user and fan since the late 80's! My iBook is my total control central -- banking, contact with clients and students, designing tile projects, writing/playing music. I also designed my own website using Dreamweaver on my Mac. -- Lew & Cynthia Harriman

We're consultants, working out of our home in Portsmouth. Lew writes about and teaches the art and science of humidity control. Cynthia writes books about travelling with children, and manages high-volume overseas production of computer accessories. -- Carolyn Abell Hodges

I am a desktop publisher & Mac enthusiast working from my home office in Dover, NH. Print design and photo restoration are my specialties! Clients range from my next-door neighbor to businesses/organizations. -- Ed MacNeil

I am one of the folks working on the web site. The purpose of this site is to preserve the history of the FB-111 aircraft that served at both Pease AFB and Plattsburgh AFB. We have links to which is maintained in Australia, the only country still flying the F-111 aircraft. Many of the FB-111 aircraft that were formerly based at Pease have been redesignated as F-111G and are still flying with the Aussies. -- Bob Munger

We have started a business selling art for the garden. These are mostly one-of-a-kind art or ornaments, including distinctive antiques and innovative handcrafted works. -- Jeff Overton

I have a site to help Mac Uusers get the most from their machines. There are tutorials I have written, Mac tips and links to programs, tutorials, articles and websites which I have found helpful. Categories range from software to graphics to e-commerce. -- Peter Randall

Peter Randall's site is devoted to his subsidy book publishing business with catalogues for his company and the Portsmouth Marine Society. The site also includes galleries of Peter's photographs of the New Hampshire and the Isles of Shoals. -- Scott Seely

The website for my animal hospital in Portsmouth. I set it up as a marketing and client communication tool, with an e-mail link. -- Mike Snyder

My company name is Snyder Electric, I live in Cape Neddick, Maine. I am a Master Electrician and I am licensed in Maine and New Hampshire. I have been doing electrical work for over 30 years. Please visit my website and save me as a bookmark for future reference. Send me an email, and ask about my Star-Bucks referral network to get discounts on electrical work. If you own property or a business and need an electrician, please give me a call. I have been a Mac user about 15 years, my first computer was a Mac Plus. I presently own an iMac G5 desktop computer. -- Brian D. Wener

I am a Seacoast clinical psychologist and longtime (since 1991) Mac user. I have several Macs (Powerbook 3400c, PowerPC 4400, and a few old ones in boxes). I use my Macs for record-keeping and other business functions, test administration and scoring, report-writing, and doing research on the Internet.

Marshwood Middle School & Eliot Elementary School -- Kathy Zimmerman

I'm the computer teacher at Marshwood Middle School for 4th and 5th grade students. Besides teaching, I'm responsible for troubleshooting and maintaining the 24 Macs in our lab and all the staff computers -- both Macs and PCs. I also teach staff development workshops on using technology in the classroom. In addition, I maintain the web sites for Marshwood Middle School and for Eliot Elementary School.




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