...with topics and downloads (when available)

Speakers' notes, slides, or audio recordings may be somewhat skimpy for those unable to attend the meeting, but may provide a framework to jog the memory of those who were present.

Audio recordings are in m4a format; you can click on the player to listen in your browser, or you can download the file and play it in iTunes, which will allow you to more easily jump forward and back to specific time markers.


DEC: Intro to Home Networking
Presented by Jeff Lynch

NOV: Podcasting 101 - What it is, how to do it, and why it will change your life
Presented by Cory Cooper and Dave Hamilton
Download presentation (PDF)

OCT: Open Question & Answer Session

SEP: Making Movies on Your Mac
Presented by Jeff Lynch

JUL: Inkjet and Laser printer cartridge refills
Save money and preserve the environment while maintaining printing quality
Presented by Sean Tennant of Cartridge World (2800 Lafayette Road, Portsmouth)

JUN: iLife '06 Demo
Extend your iFun with iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD, GarageBand and iWeb
Presented by Michael Muldoon of Interactive Medical Productions

MAY: Getting More Out of the Web
Tips for using browsers, Google, Macintosh resource sites, and more
Ronald Gehrmann
Text outline (PDF)
Audio recording (18.5 MB m4a) -- Play in your browser:
...or Control-click here to download
78 minutes of presentation, followed by 6 minutes of Q&A.

APR: Open Question & Answer Session

MAR: Digital Photography Extravaganza, Part 2
Jack Hodgson and Jeff Overton

FEB: Digital Photography Extravaganza, Part 1
Jeff Lynch & Jack Hodgson
Slides (4.5 MB PDF)

JAN: Open Question & Answer Session


Jan: Open Question & Answer
Feb: iApp Breakout Sessions
Mar: Qilan - Easy Data-Driven Web Authoring (Stephen Caine)
Apr: Open Question & Answer
May: Digital Photography on the Mac (Ronald Gehrmann)
Jun: Unleashing Tiger - Mac OS 10.4 (Scott Drummey)
Jul: Open Question & Answer
Oct: Open Question & Answer
Nov: Shareware Roundup (Jeff Overton)
Dec: Care and Feeding of Mac OS X (Ronald Gehrmann)


Jan: Your Healthy Mac (Justin Mayrand)
Feb: Bare Bones Software -- BBEdit, MailSmith, TextWrangler, SuperGetInfo
Mar: Mac OS X Productivity Tips (Ronald Gehrmann)
Apr: Easy Steps for Great Looking Documents (Jeff Lynch)
May: FileMaker Pro 7 (Joel Bowers)
Jun: Open Question & Answer
Jul: Your Connected Mac (Scott Drummey and Jeff Lynch)
Sep: iTunes and iPod (Jeff Lynch)
Oct: Transitioning from OS 9 to OS X (Ronald Gehrmann)
Nov: Fun with Digital Photography (Jack Hodgson)
Dec: Macintosh Hardware Review (Will Lenharth)




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