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One of the best ways to get help with questions about your Mac is to attend our meetings and the Mac Mentors sessions that precede them. Also, you can join our Discussion and Announcement mailing lists.

Local companies and individuals specializing in Macintosh
(listed alphabetically)

Guru Computers -- Porstmouth, NH
603-436-0144 --

Lenharth Systems -- Barrington, NH
603-664-7449 --

MacEdge -- Portsmouth, NH
603-766-3343 --

MacOptions -- Dover, NH
603-740-8529 --

Mayrand Computer Services -- Milton Mills, NH
603-817-7572 --

Metro MacSupport (formerly Seacoast MacSupport)
Relocated to New York City, but still working with Seacoast clients remotely!
917-502-8870 --

Point 'n Click Computing -- Dover, NH
603-740-9479 --

Stephan Smith Computers -- Portsmouth, NH
603-433-1333 --

The Mac Tutor -- Wakefield, NH
603-871-4834 --

Other Mac User Groups in the region

ApplePower: The Southern NH Apple Core -- Meets the last Tuesday of every month at 7:00 pm in the Nashua Public Library.

Southern Maine Apple Users Group -- Meets the second Thursday of every month at 7:00 pm at Southern Maine Community College in South Portland, Maine.

Boston Macintosh User Group -- Meets the second Wednesday of every month at MIT Building E51 in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Apple Stores in the region

Rockingham Park -- Salem, NH -- 603-890-3518
Northshore -- Peabody, MA -- 978-531-2802
CambridgeSide -- Cambridge, MA -- 617-225-0442



VersionTracker - Mac Software Updates -- A great resource for making sure your software is updated
The Mac Observer--MacOS News Around The Web
MacSurfer's Headline News™


Apple - Support
Apple Updates and Downloads
Apple Manuals
Apple Discussions - Welcome


Macworld:Mac 911 by Chris Breen
Mac Hints & Tips -- A monthly tip newsletter and subscription based archive
macHOME tips
Mac OS at About -- Some good stuff
Lyte Bytes Index -- A few OSX & OS9 tips
Maria Langer articles


Mac OS X Hints - Get the most from X!
OSXFAQ - Technical News and Support for Mac OS X
Franklin & Marshall Computing Services -- Uses Macs and there is a wealth of tutorials
OS X Links -- Extensive page of Mac links - Mostly UNIX

OSX Tips & Tutorials

Apple Tutorials

Apple - Pro - Tip of the Week
Panther OS 10.3
OSX prior to 10.3
AppleWorks -- Not great but it's something
Moving to OSX
Font Management
Color Sync

OS X Information -- Some basic tutorials and multimedia tutorials
Macworld: Mac OS X Hints
Online software tutorials from -- Free samples from their CDs
Mac OS X keyboard shortcuts
Keyboard Shortcuts Quick Reference
Disk Images with Disk Copy
Burning a Multisession CD in OS X
OS X Performance tuning for G3 Macs
macosxhints - Recovering a lost root password
Unix stuff tutorials
Unix Tutorial


OS X Panther Solutions
OS X 10.2 Jaguar Troubleshooting
OS X Maintenance And Troubleshooting
MACOSX.COM -Help Forum
Apple - Support
Apple Updates and Downloads
Apple Manuals
Your Mac won't start up in Mac OS X
Using Disk Utility and fsck : Every Mac & Compatible in the World Internet Service -- You can test how fast your internet connection really is with Performance Test


Computing With Bifocals - index
The Essential Mac -- Legacy system how-tos
Drive Partitioning -- Good article on partitioning your hard drive
Preventative Maintenence -- Good set of tutorials for maintenance

Troubleshooting - OS9

Mac Troubleshooting & Maintenance -OS9 -- A good guide to troubleshooting OS 8/9
Macintosh Troubleshooting -- Good set of tutorials on troubleshooting mostly OS9 Internet Service -- You can test how fast your internet connection really is with Performance Test : Every Mac & Compatible in the World


Mac OS Journal - Share a DSL Home Page -- OS9 Network tutorials
Home Ethernet Network for your Macintosh

iLife & .Mac

Doug's AppleScripts for iTunes
iCalShare - Share Your iCalendars!
iCal World - Calendar Hosting & Library
iCal Exchange
Mastering .Mac: How to Manage Your Homepage Via the .Mac Website
Macworld: iTools: It's Not Just For Mac OS 9
O'Reilly Network: Making Movies with the Apple iSight [Jul. 01, 2003]


The Entourage Help Page -- Much of this is valid for OE also
A Beginner's Guide to Effective Email
OE 5 for Mac Tutorial
Entourage & OE Apple Scripts

AppleScript -- Lots of pre-made scripts Bulletin Board
Apple - AppleScript
ScriptWeb -- Links for Mac Scripting
AppleScript of the week
AppleScriptSourceBook -- Tutorials, scripts and more
AppleScript Primer -- a good series of tutorials
AppleScript tutorial


Tutorials On-Line - Index of topics
AppleWorks -- Not great but it's something

Cross Platform

MacWindows - CrossPlatform
Samba networking over a dialup connection





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